Author: <span>moebius</span>

What is our ultimate aim?

Bring together the global community to:

  • quantify trends in tree mortality rates globally
  • attribute the causes of tree mortality
  • accurately predict tree mortality trends

in a changing world.

New website!

We’re happy to present our new website for the tree mortality network!

Please note that the website is still under construction and new content will be added over time. Please check back regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed! In the meantime, we would appreciate if you take a few minutes to fill out our survey. Thank you!

Tree mortality survey

Please take part in our survey on monitoring plots and/or inventories. With your help, we hope to be able to show the global extent of initiatives to understand tree mortality.

Meeting in Hanover

We are looking back to a fruitful meeting in Hanover, Germany. You can find an overview of all participants and keynote speakers on this site. With this symposium/workshop we targeted an important objective: establishing cross-scale collaborations between different disciplines to give us all a better view of the state of the world’s forests.