International tree mortality network



Henrik Hartmann

Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena

Tree mortality has always been the running theme in Henrik’s research. He used a dendroecological approach to infer tree decline during his PhD and then switched to ecophysiology for his postdoc. He is leader of the Max-Planck research group “Plant Allocation” and has been active in organizing two international mortality workshops in Jena (2014) and Hanover (2017).

Nadine Ruehr

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Campus Alpin

Nadine is an ecophysiologist and focuses on understanding plant and ecosystem functioning in a changing world. She is head of the Plant Ecophysiology group at KIT and applies experiments and process models to study the impacts of extreme climate events on carbon and water cycling of trees and forests.   

Bernhard Schuldt

University of Würzburg - Ecophysiology and Vegetation Ecology

As a plant ecologist specialized in ecophysiology and plant water relations, Bernhard’s research is focused on the carbon and water balance of trees, the influence of drought stress on woody plants, and their adaptability to changing environmental conditions. He works on identifying general patterns in trees’ hydraulic architecture, causes and consequences of drought-induced tree mortality as well as biodiversity effects on the water balance of trees.

Esquivel Muelbert

University of Birmingham - School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Adriane is a global change ecologist documenting and mechanistically understanding the effects of current environmental changes on biological systems. She investigates how forests respond to different forces and what the implications of these responses are on biodiversity and global biogeochemical cycles. Her work uses field-based data and explores forest dynamics at a macroecological scale. She is passionate about tropical forests and their complexity, particularly the Amazon, and seeks to translate her research into conservation efforts.

Cornelius Senf

Technical University of Munich, Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management Group

Cornelius has a background in geography with a specialisation in remote sensing, but his research has strong ties to landscape and macrosystem ecology. His particular interest is in understanding the dynamics of forests at the landscape- and macro-scale, that is how and why forests change through space and time. As trees are long-living organisms, he mostly works with long satellite time series, such as from the Landsat archive, delivering a complementing perspective to field-based research.

Rupert Seidl

Technical University of Munich, Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management Group

Rupert is a forester by training and his research focuses on understanding forest ecosystem dynamics in a changing world. A main focus of Ruperts work is to quantify the causes and consequences of changing forest disturbance regimes. He develops forest landscape simulation models in order to study the past and future interactions between vegetation, climate, and disturbances. He harnesses novel insights on ecosystem dynamics for improving the robustness of forest management strategies.

Thomas Pugh

Lund University - Dept of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Tom works on understanding interactions between vegetation, environmental change and the carbon cycle at regional and global scales. He has a background in computational modelling, particularly using global vegetation models, and his group at the University of Birmingham applies a variety of model and data-based approaches.


Selina Schwarz

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Campus Alpin

Focus groups

Data management and access

William Hammond

Oklahoma State University, Department of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

William (Bill) aims to understand both the external drivers (e.g., climate, biotic agents) and internal mechanisms (e.g., plant physiological processes) that determine when trees stop living, and start dying—to answer the question, “What kills trees?”. His dissertation research crosses the scales of single xylem conduits to globally distributed forests, and involves anatomical, physiological, and climatological approaches. He is particularly passionate about the fates of big, old trees—and their disproportionate contributions to healthy forest ecosystems.

Scientific Advisory Board

Craig D Allen (USGS Fort Collins Science Center)

Barbara Bentz (US Forest Service)

Andreas Bolte (Thünen Institute)

Harald Bugmann (ETH Zurich)

Matthew Hansen (University of Maryland)

Alistair Jump (University of Stirling)

Nate McDowell (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Belinda Medlyn (Western Sydney University)

Helene Muller-Landau (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)

Doug Morton (NASA)

Yude Pan (US Forest Service)

Former SAB Members

Haverd, Vanessa (CSIRO)Click here to read the obituary  
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Hember, RobertMinistry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural DevelopmentCanadaForest inventory
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Keppel, GunnarUniversity of South AustraliaAustraliaMechanisms
Klein, TamirWeizmann Institute of ScienceIsraelMechanisms
Kotowska, MartynaUniversity of GöttingenGermanyForest inventory
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