International tree mortality network

Data Survey

Data survey of global forest condition

Due to the current health situation our workshop on global tree mortality at the University of Wuerzburg was cancelled. The workshop’s aim was to develop methods for merging, harmonizing and integrating different data depositories (e.g., national forest invetories, research networks) and data types (e.g., field surveys, remote-sensing products) to provide information on global tree mortality rates.

We have decided to pursue our initiative via online surveys and virtual meetings!

In a nutshell:
•    As a first step, we are collecting information on data sources, both terrestrial and from remote sensing, that allow inferences on forest condition in general and tree mortality in particular. To do so we have set up two surveys, see below.
•    Participants of the surveys and other experts will be given the opportunity to contribute to topical online working groups. Invitations will be sent out this summer.
•    The discussion groups will develop strategies for merging, harmonizing and integrating different data types and sources.
•    All contributors will be invited to co-author the resulting manuscript. Given the global scope we are aiming a top-tier journal.

If you’re working with forest inventory or forest plot data for a particular region, or if you use remote-sensing products to investigate forest condition at larger spatial scales, please fill out the surveys on forest data sources. Note that this is a community activity linking existing networks and research groups, we do not seek to collect raw data.

We are looking forward to working together with you!

The ITMN core team

Henrik, Adriane, Tom, Nadine, Bernhard, Rupert, Cornelius